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Full-Service Medical Billing & Coding
LMD Billing generates customized superbills to suite your individual practice needs. Our method of electronic claim submission enables us to find out if claims are paid within 36 hours after submission. We ensure maximum reimbursement rates are received for all procedures, hospital visits, and drugs through effective coding and billing strategies.
The painful process of insurance and profile credentialing can be accomplished if the proper steps are taken, both expediently and accurately. LMD Billing compiles all necessary documentation in order to provide complete Physician Insurance Credentialing Services. Whether it’s updating existing enrollments, or completing new enrollments, we make sure the job gets done right!
24/7 Account Access
We pride ourselves with being a company that is small enough to remain personal and interactive, but large enough to handle any practice of any specialty. Everything pertaining to your account is accessible to you 24/7. We build a client relationship that is founded upon trust and reliability; we seek to demonstrate both of which from the very start of our relationship.
Detailed Monthly Financial Reports
Custom practice analysis reports, including financial and aging reports, are essential for keeping you in control of your business. These reports are generated each month to illustrate to the vitality of your practice. We use reporting tools to ensure that everything is monitored, organized, and always growing towards 100% effectiveness.
Treatment Plan Payment Analysis (TPPA)
Many physicians require a plan for extended patient treatment. Peace of mind comes with the knowledge that your work will not go under-reimbursed, or worse yet, not reimbursed at all! We’ve developed a strategy to help you plan; it includes:
  • Giving you, the provider, expected reimbursements for a specific patient’s treatment cycle BEFORE starting the treatment,
  • Ensuring proper authorizations and referrals are pre-obtained and approved for services, identifying co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance payments before treatment begins,
  • Providing immediate answers about the cost-benefit analysis for each patient’s treatment plan before the treatment begins,
  • We will suggest whether the patient’s drugs should be scripted or provided on-site, which leads to consistent and maximum reimbursement.
  • TPPA will significantly increase revenue, reduce timely insurance follow-up, and empower physicians to make the best decisions with all available resources.
Proven Collection Strategies
Over the years, LMD Billing has developed the most effective collection strategies in its field. Medical Billing Solutions tracks claims from the minute claims are sent, to the day you receive a check. With a proven collection rate of over 90% for ALL of our clients, it’s no wonder our clients are so pleased with the services that we provide. Our professionally trained, dedicated, and responsible team demonstrates our effectiveness and our understanding that “it’s not about how much you’re earning, but rather, how much you keep”.
Full Suite of Auditing Services

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